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Cover Story: James Yee - Justice Denied? July 12, 2009 Colors


President Obama and Torture – Former US Army Muslim Chaplain James Yee Reacts April 17, 2009 The Most Important Blog... Ever


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Yee of Much Faith September 22 Liberadio(!)


Guantanamo chaplain says freedoms eroded September 23, 2008 The Tennessean


Muslim caucus debuts in Denver August 26, 2008 PRI's The World


“Rights Don’t Come On A Platter. They Come In The Streets With Blood and Sweat.”  July 6, 2008 The Crescent Report


Guantanamo Bay: A U.S. Army Chaplain's Struggle for Justice June 12, 2008 UC Santa Barbara (video)


Ex-Army chaplain tells of abuse June 7, 2008 Tulsa World


Hannity And North Distort Facts Of Muslim Delegate To Smear Obama May 22, 2008 News Hounds


Exonorated Former Army Chaplain James Yee an Obama Delegate May 20, 2008 Asian Americans for Obama (video)


Democrats choose delegates May 20, 2008 The Olympian


Ex-chaplain James Yee, Ted Danson debate in Lacey May 19, 2008 The Olympian


An Inside Look at Guantanamo: A Muslim Chaplain's Struggle for Justice March 20, 2008 Robert S. Strauss Center for International Security and Law (Video)


Ex-Gitmo chaplain discusses war crimes, wrongful arrest March 28, 2008 Salt Lake Tribune


Nightmare at Guantanamo March 23, 2008 Austin American-Statesman


Former Army chaplain talks about Guantanamo incarceration March 21, 2008 Keye News (Video)


Army vet speaks against mistreatment of detainees March 21, 2008 The Daily Texan


For God and Country, James Yusuf Yee Bridges TV January 18, 2008 (Video)


Q & A with Ex US Army Muslim Chaplain, James Yee Asharq Al-Awsat January 10, 2008


Islam In Focus - James Y. Yee North East Access Radio December 24, 2007 (Audio)  


Interview - A true American patriot December 21, 2007 The Muslim News


Former Guantanamo Chaplain tours UK November 19, 2007 RINF.com


Former army chaplain recounts torture November 2, 2007 The Acorn


Former Muslim Chaplain of Guantanamo Prison, James Yee, Tells of the Desecration of the Koran during Interrogation  October 19, 2007 The Middle East Media Research Institute TV Monitor Project (Video)


Ex-chaplain says values tested at Guantanamo October 17, 2007 The Fayettville Observer


Former Guantanamo chaplain tells his story October 4, 2007 Inside BU


At Guantanamo, a chaplain’s story Pipe Dream September 28, 2007


Yee angered by belated report on his treatment September 20, 2007 The Olympian


Ex-Army chaplain says religion made him government target Ventura County Star April 26, 2007


Former U.S. Army Guantánamo chaplain James Yee warns of living in 'very dangerous post-9/11 era' Cornell Chronicle April 6, 2007


Chaplain Decries Guantanamo Prison Abuses The Cornell Daily Sun April 6, 2007


Interview with James Yee The Talking Dog March 11, 2007


Former Guantanamo Bay chaplain describes loss of civil liberties The Brown Daily Herald March 2, 2007


A Trial for Thousands Denied Trial The Nation February 26, 2007


Struggles of wrongly accused Muslim Army chaplain resonate with concerns of community Sacramento City College Newspaper February 15, 2007


Ex-Army chaplain, accused as spy, says his civil rights were violated Staten Island Advance February 13, 2007


God and Country Clash at Gitmo Pittsburgh City Paper February 8, 2007

Former Guantanamo chaplain wants U.S. Army apology Reuters February 7, 2007


Former Army chaplain, held 76 days in solitary, to speak at college Staten Island Advance February 5, 2007


Physical, mental torture at issue in Padilla terror case SunSentinel.com February 4, 2007


Guantanamo Muslim adviser treads lightly Associated Press January 28, 2007


"Everyone's rights are at stake here" KomoTV.com January 15, 2007


Military expands intelligence role in U.S.  Pentagon has been using a little-known power to obtain banking and credit records of hundreds of Americans. New York Times January 14, 2007


Torture, Suicide and Imprisonment: A Look Back at Five Years of Guantanamo Democracy Now!  January 11, 2007


Islam advisor cites 'calmer' Guantanamo Los Angeles Times December 8, 2006


Images of shackled Padilla are `extremely disturbing,' expert says New York Daily News December 5, 2006


Prisoner treatment is focus of speech Lexington Herald Leader November 29, 2006


Detainee Shares Experience Former Guantanamo Prisoner Yee Discusses Faith November 2, 2006 Columbia Spectator


Wrongly accused, imprisoned by U.S. September 22, 2006 The Capital Times


Muslims take steps to help others understand Islam September 21, 2006 The Olympian


Not all the casualties were physical September 6, 2006 The Vancouver Sun

Congressmen want probe of Yee case wrapped up September 5, 2006 The Olympian


Shooting adds weight to Mideast discussion July 29, 2006 The Olympian


Ex-chaplain complains of grilling by U.S. customs Yee unfairly detained after visit to Canada, he says July 24, 2006 Seattle Post Intelligencer


Voices of a nation, about that nation (What does it mean to be an American July 3, 2006 USA Today


Former Gitmo Chaplain Calls for Camp Closure June 28, 2006 CNSNews


Yee : Guantanamo suicides signal failure June 13, 2006 Associated Press

Guantanamo suicides 'desperation' June 13, 2006 News.com.au


Guantánamo suicides remark is bad P.R. for White House June 13, 2006 Seattle Post Intelligencer


Three hang themselves at Guantanamo June 11, 2006 Associated Press

Chaplain Heard Detainees' Stories May 24, 2006 Valley News


Two former officers cite abuse, prejudice in Iraq war May 10, 2006 ClevelandJewishNews.com


Images from A Conversation About Guantanamo - UC Davis May 7, 2006 Central Valley


Panel: Speak out against torture May 7, 2006 The Davis Enterprise

Ex-Gitmo Chaplain Tells of Abuse April 19, 2006 The Bellingham Herald


Look Who's Coming: James Yee March 27, 2006 The News Observer


New chapter in life of ex-Army chaplain March 21, 2006 Newsday.com


Ex-Guantanamo chaplain: Suspicion of Muslims hinders terror war March 12, 2006 Associated Press


The Accused March 10, 2006 The American Prospect


Miller Probe No Shock March 3, 2006 AsianWeek.com


Another casualty of the  'war on terror' March 4, 2006 Asia Times


Ex-chaplain keeps fighting to have Army clear his name February 28, 2006 The Star Ledger


No Apology, No Justice for Reverend Yee February 24, 2006 AsianWeek.com

Guantanamo Bay: Injustice Continued, Justice Denied February 19, 2006 alt.muslim


Former chaplain says closing Guantanamo wouldn’t fix problems February 17, 2006 The Olympian


Miscarriage of Justice February 15, 2006 RealChangeNews.org


U.N. Report Calls for the Closing of Guantanamo, Former Prison Chaplain Yee Details Abuses February 16, 2006 Democracy Now! (Audio and Video)


For James Yee, an apology that will never come February 15, 2006 NorthJersey.com


The Muslim chaplain February 13, 2006 NorthJersey.com


Area Muslims channel anger over cartoons February 10, 2006 Seattle Post Intelligencer


For God and Country: Faith and Patriotism Under Fire: One man's experience brings into sharp focus the inhumanity of Guantanamo Bay February 8, 2006 The Sydney Morning Herald


Muslim ex-chaplain wants U.S. to apologize February 6, 2006 NorthJersey.com


Final 'New California Media' Awards Show Spotlights Ethnic Media January 27, 2006 Pacific News Service (plus video)


The Truth About Guantanamo -- An Interview With Capt. James Yee January 26, 2006 Pacific News Service


Book Review: For God and Country, Faith and Patriotism Under Fire (2005) January 21, 2006 Yemen Observer


Chaplain reflects on prison life in Cuba January 20, 2006 The Daily Northwestern


After Words: James Yee interviewed by Rowan Scarborough January 14, 2006 Book TV CSPAN2


The Strange Case of Chaplain Yee December 15, 2005 The New York Review of Books


Yee Ikes: WW's odd interview with exonerated Guantánamo chaplain James Yee December 14, 2005 Willamette Week Online


From poster boy to terror suspect December 6, 2005 The Australian


James Yee 'Takes Five' Muslim chaplain accused of spying spent 76 days imprisoned November 29, 2005 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Patriot Under Fire Komo News November 24, 2005


Patriot, Soldier, Chaplain--Spy?  November 1, 2005 Interview on Beliefnet.com 


Muslim Army chaplain reveals detainment horrors October 30, 2005 Associated Press


Muslim chaplain accused of spying tells his side October 29, 2005 The Washington Post


Former chaplain paints grim picture of Guantanamo Bay October 24, 2005 Australian Broadcasting Corporation


Ex-Chaplain, Once Jailed by Army, Defends His Patriotism October 23, 2005 LA Times


Faith and Patriotism Under Fire October 21, 2005 Asianweek.com


Chaplain Yee, Imprisoned for His Faith October 21, 2005 Asianweek.com


Yee's tour for justice comes back home October 20, 2005 The Olympian


Muslim chaplain talks of ordeal October 19, 2005 The Seattle Times


Author's Hour: James Yee reads from "For God and Country: Faith and Patriotism Under Fire" Washington Public Affairs Network October 18, 2005


Muslim chaplain cleared in terror investigation discusses ordeal October 18, 2005 Associated Press


My Faith In Islam Was Under Fire October 16, 2005 KOMO 1000 News


James Yee Lobbies for POW Leniency October 14, 2005 Asianweek.com


For God and Country (Audio: mp3 or stream) October 14, 2005 WNYC Radio


Muslim soldier at Guantanamo wants apology for spy charges October 13, 2005 AFP


Ex-detainee shares his experiences October 12, 2005 Echo Leader


RHODE: 'We kept it to broken arms and legs and sh—': Torturing military prisoners brings America down to terrorists' level October 14, 2005 The Daily Toreador


Yee book highlights prison conditions: Author hopes lessons learned from his imprisonment October 10, 2005 The Olympian


An American in chains: James Yee entered Guantanamo as a patriotic US officer and Muslim chaplain. He ended up in shackles, branded a spy. This is his disturbing story October 9 2005 Timesonline.co.uk


A Chaplain's Test of Faith: As the Army's Case Against Muslim James Yee Collapsed, His Own World Was Crumbling, Too October 7, 2005 The Washington Post


Abuse of Power: A Muslim chaplain at Guantanamo Bay blew the whistle and wound up in a Navy brig October 7, 2005 The Washington Post


Muslim chaplain's book recounts life at Guantanamo Bay October 6, 2005 Kansas City Star


Profile: “Captain James Yee” — Deborah Potter talks with Captain James Yee about his ministry to Muslim prisoners as a U.S. Army chaplain serving the Guantanamo naval base and how his life has changed since he was arrested and detained by the Army on criminal charges that were eventually dropped.  October 7, 2005 Religion and Ethics Newsweekly (Television Program) 


Former Army Chaplain James Yee on the Abuse of Prisoners at Guantanamo, His Wrongful Imprisonment and Anti-Muslim Sentiment in the Military October 6, 2005 Democracy Now! (Video, Audio, Transcript)


Muslim Army Chaplain Recalls Guantanamo Ordeal October 5, 2005 NPR (Audio)


Accused spy speaks October 5, 2005 Echo Leader


Muslim chaplain writes of Guantanamo ordeal October 5, 2005 MSNBC


Book Alleges Rampant Abuse at Gitmo October 5, 2005 The New Jersey Star-Ledger


Muslim Chaplain Recalls Guantanamo Deal October 4, 2005 AP News


Chaplain's book: Army set climate of abuse October 2, 2005 Star Tribune


Former Army chaplain thanks Islamic group October 2, 2005 St. Petersburg Times


Town Hall to Explore if Asian Americans Unfairly Tried in the Media:
Free Event to Feature First Major Public Appearance This Year by Former Army Capt. James Yee, Unjustly Accused of Espionage, But Released With All Charges Dropped
August 9, 2005 PR Newswire


Reporter wins award for Times' Yee series July 27, 2005 The Seattle Times


Prof. David Cole Speaks at CAIR-NY Annual Banquet July 2005 Washington Report on Middle Eastern Affairs


Former Vice President Walter Mondale to Address Asian American Journalists Association Convention August 17-20 June 20, 2005 Yahoo News


With moves like these, no wonder Army recruitment sags June 10, 2005 NorthJersey.com


Lost History: The February 2002 Koran Incident at Gitmo May 23, 2005 Antiwar.com


Guantanamo battles to calm abuse storm May 22, 2005 The Sunday Times


Lost history: The February 2002 Quran Guantanamo incident May 21, 2005 The Raw Story


Koran Desecration May 19, 2005 Useless-Knowledge.com


US: Religious Humiliation of Muslim Detainees Widespread May 19, 2005 YubaNet.com


Losing Liberties May 19, 2005 TomPaine.com


Desecration of Koran Had Been Reported Before May 18, 2005 The Washington Post


Newsweek retracts story blamed for riot deaths May 17, 2005 Seattle Times


Fear of Islam on the Rise May 11, 2005 International Press Service News Agency


New Buy and Guantanamo Lit Continues, May 3, 2005 Publisher's Weekly


450 Turn Out for CAIR-NY Fundraising Dinner April 19, 2005 Officialwire


Reading Patriot riot act April 18, 2005 Newsday


Ex-Army chaplain held on spy charges talks in Coral Springs March 27, Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel


Firsthand account of anti-Muslim hate March 8, 2005 Cincinnati Enquirer


Yellow Journalism in 2005 March 4, 2005 Asian Week


United States Government, 2005: If It Walks Like A Goose… (Part II) February 28, 2005 Scoop Independent News


Yee injustice mustn't be swept under rug February 19, 2005 Everett Daily Herald


Apologize to Yee January 19, 2005 The Seattle Times


Interview with Ray Rivera Seattle Times reporter who has been covering James Yee story.  BBC The World January 17, 2005 (8:00 duration)


Suspicion in the Ranks The Seattle Times January 9, 2005


Reporter investigates investigation into Yee The Seattle Times January 9, 2005


Chaplain in Spy Case Honorably Discharged Associated Press January 7, 2005


Chaplain Accused of Spying to Leave U.S. Military Reuters January 6, 2005


Historical Lessons on Extremism MPAC's 4th Annual Convention (Chaplain James Yee's portion begins at the 26:00 mark)


Evidence weak in Yee probe New York Times December 19, 2004


Military Lawyers Defend Civil Liberties BBC News World Edition December 6, 2004


The Case Of The Spy Ring 60 Minutes November 28, 2004


Ex-spy suspect receives award, hero's welcome Sacramento Bee November 22, 2004


Cases Falter Against Suspected Spies in U.S. Military NPR All Things Considered, November 10, 2004


How Kerry would play China card The Standard October 30, 2004


The Spies Who Weren't The Washington Post October 6, 2004


Are you there God? It's me, the Gipper Seven Oaks Magazine September 28, 2004


Oh, baby, baby, it's a wild world Atlanta-Journal Constitution September 27, 2004


James Yee’s Story by Joseph Yee (Father) Asian Week September 24, 2004


The Smearing of Captain Yee The Nation September 23, 2004


'There's no ring, and no spies...' at Gitmo Christian Science Monitor September 23, 2004


Thousands arrested, few convicted in US terror war Reuters September 23, 2004


Capt. Yee To Receive Honorable Discharge KOMO News September 15, 2004


Guantanamo 'spy ring' case takes big hit USA Today September 7, 2004


Errors in investigation erode espionage case USA Today September 7, 2004


‘... utter shock and disbelief’  Local relatives rally behind Army chaplain accused, then cleared of espionage West Valley View September 1, 2004


Chaplain due honorable exit The Seattle Post Intelligencer August 9, 2004


Chaplain James Yee Submits Resignation: NYC press conference Friday August 6th NYC.Indymedia.org August 5, 2004


Collateral Damage: A military chaplain's promising career is cut short by government allegations of espionage that go nowhere The Oregonian August 4, 2004


Pentagon to launch Yee case inquiry The Olympian August 4, 2004


Pentagon to Probe Chaplain's Treatment AP August 4, 2004


Exonerated Muslim Army Chaplain Resigns Post All Things Considered on NPR August 3, 2004 (Interview with Chaplain Yee's Attorney Eugene Fidell)


Honda: Investigation Granted into Chaplain Yee Case August 3, 2004


Muslim U.S. Army Chaplain Resigning, Wants Apology Reuters August 3, 2004


Army chaplain Yee to resign: Muslim cleared of spying charges cites 'irreparable damage' to career The Seattle Post Intelligencer August 3, 2004


Muslim chaplain seeks Army discharge The Olympian August 3, 2004


Muslim chaplain to resign The News Tribune August 3, 2004


US army paranoia forces Muslim Chaplin to resign Profindpages.com August 3, 2004


Muslim chaplain James Yee to leave Army The Seattle Times August 3, 2004


Muslim Chaplain Cleared in Probe Resigns Associated Press August 2, 2004


The Imam and the Agent Williamson County Review Appeal July 18, 2004


What Does the Bush Regime Object To? Whaddaya Got? Counterpunch July 15, 2004


Wen Ho Lee's Son Backs James Yee Asian Times July 10, 2004


About Independence The New York Times July 4, 2004


Islamic conference explores issues of bias, injustice The Cleveland Plain Dealer July 4, 2004


Controversial imam doesn't speak at Muslim gathering Ohio News Now July 4, 2004


American Muslims To Discuss Preserving Morality Islam Online July 1, 2004


Federal Probe Urged for Capt. James Yee Asian Week June 25, 2004


Some secrets should not be Seattle Post-Intelligencer June 28, 2004


Chaplain in public again after exoneration Associated Press June 26, 2004


Brauchli: Third time isn't a charm for the FBI The Daily Camera June 12, 2004


Pentagon is asked to review Yee's treatment Seattle Post-Intelligencer June 11, 2004


JUSTICE: Guilty until proven innocent St. Louis Post-Dispatch June 9, 2004


Fingering wrong guy The Leaf Chronicle June 7, 2004


Rep. Honda Demands Investigation into Chaplain Yee Case - Calls on Army to Demonstrate Due Process  June 4, 2004


Attorney released from Ashcroft hell People's Weekly World June 3, 2004


Accused US traitor back at work but reputation, career ruined Australian Broadcast Corporation June 2, 2004


'My love letter to America' Illinois author Iris Chang follows the remarkable arc of Chinese-American history The Chicago Tribune June 2, 2004 


Freed chaplain Yee speaks on Islam The News Tribune May 31, 2004


Residue of arrest clutters Mayfield's present, future The Oregonian May 28, 2004


Oops? Wichita Eagle, May 27, 2004


Why Ashcroft Must Go: What happened to Brandon Mayfield could happen to anybody Antiwar.com May 26, 2004


Witch Hunt?: Government must explain itself in Yee case Dallas Morning News May 26, 2004


Questioning Sept. 11 Arrests and the Patriot Act NPR The Travis Smiley Show May 24, 2004


Tracking facts, containing abuse Seattle Post-Intelligencer May 20, 2004


Skepticism on spy case is reported A former investigator says her questioning of the evidence was ignored by military The Sacramento Bee May 18, 2004


Who is Geoffrey Miller?  Is the Man from Guantanamo the Right Man for Iraq? Center for American Progress May 17, 2004


The Ordeal of Chaplain Yee USA Today May 16, 2004


Iraq Cases Put Focus on Military Justice The Los Angeles Times May 15, 2004


James Yee’s Family Calls for Congressional Investigation Asian Week May 14, 2004


No Margin For Error In Terror War Human Events May 13, 2004


General Took Guantanamo Rules to Iraq for Handling of Prisoners The New York Times May 13, 2004


Muslim Chaplain Yee's Family Calls for Congressional Inquiry in to His Arrest Nichi Bei Times May 12, 2004


More than 300 Muslims gather for Seattle banquet The Seattle Times May 9, 2004


Indignity and a Muslim chaplain The Chicago Tribune May 8, 2004


Rumsfeld Testifies Before Senate Armed Services Committee (Senator Clinton Expresses Concern about Chaplain Yee's treatment) The Washington Post May 7, 2004


Spy charges dropped, but fear remains Chaplain's kin feel `like the enemy' The Chicago Tribune May 3, 2004


Editorial: Trust in a time of war MetroWest Daily News May 3, 2004

A Threat to All Americans The Boston Globe April 30, 2004


Probe of Muslim Chaplain's Treatment Urged Associated Press April 28, 2004


Pentagon urged to investigate treatment of Muslim chaplain The Seattle Times April 28, 2004


Senators urge inquiry into Army chaplain's case The Boston Globe April 24, 2004

Senator Kennedy and Senator Levin letter to Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld Regarding Chaplain Yee April 23, 2004


Democrats Seek Probe of Army Chaplain's Treatment Reuters April 23, 2004


The gagging of Captain Yee Working for Change April 23, 2004


Chaplain's Release Deflates Guantanamo 'Spy Ring' Theory Inter Press Service April 23, 2004


Captain Yee – Hung Out to Dry Asian Week April 23, 2004


Army chaplain prevented from clearing his name Valley Morning Star April 21, 2004


Gag Order?  Lawyer Believes Army Chaplain Cleared of Spy Charges Is Being Silenced ABC News April 21, 2004


Yee not in clear, though he's been cleared of charge The Kingston Free Press April 20, 2004


Local activists rally behind Army chaplain: Fremont group says military should apologize to Capt. James Yee April 20, 2004 The Argus


Original Copy of Chaplain Yee's Gag Order Memorandum


Captain Yee's Muzzle April 18, 2004 The Washington Post 


Yee's case proves it: Power corrupts Seattle Post-Intelligencer April 16, 2004


Army wipes Yee's record clean The Olympian April 15, 2004


All charges dropped, but Army gags Yee Seattle Post Intelligencer April 15, 2004 


Reprimanded soldier gets a clean slate Detroit Free Press April 15, 2004


Charges Against Chaplain Dismissed The Los Angeles Times April 15, 2004


Army reverses reprimand, clearing chaplain's record The Seattle Times April 15, 2004


General overturns reprimand against Muslim Army chaplain Associated Press April 14, 2004


Military Drops Guantanamo Chaplain Convictions Reuters April 14, 2004


Muslim Army chaplain wins adultery appeal CNN.com April 14, 2004


Army Captain, Hemp Food Makers Get No Apology Bloomberg.com April 9, 2004


Our Place in the World: Military, government persecute Muslims Seattle Post-Intelligencer April 9, 2004


Back home, Army chaplain thanks supporters The Seattle Times April 6, 2004


Capt. Yee back home after seven tumultuous months - Muslim chaplain returns to jubilant well-wishers The Olympian April 6, 2004


Yee reunited with family - Army chaplain thanks neighbor for battling on his behalf Seattle Times April 6, 2004


Yee Case a Total Loss Army Times April 5, 2004


Capt. James Yee Returns Home To Fort Lewis Komo News April 5, 2004


Muslim Army chaplain coming home to Fort Lewis Associated Press April 5, 2004


The Army Should Apologize The New York Times April 4, 2004


The Disturbing Case of Captain Yee CounterPunch April 2, 2004


Muslim chaplain says SouthCom general should not decide appeal Associated Press March 31, 2004


Lt. Costello Letter to Editor New York Times March 31, 2004


Rush to Judgment TomPaine.com March 31, 2004


The unsettling Yee case Palm Beach Post March 31, 2004


'He is not guilty and he is not innocent' The Guardian March 30, 2004


Gitmo cleric: I'm on watch list New York Daily News March 29, 2004


Muslim Army chaplain appeals adultery, pornography reprimands Associated Press March 29, 2004


Army Guantanamo Chaplain Yee Appeals Punishment Reuters March 29, 2004


After legal missteps, apologize to Capt. Yee Seattle Times March 29, 2004


Treatment of Capt. Yee is scandalous The Olympian March 28, 2004


Army Misfires in 'Spy' Case Los Angeles Times March 26, 2004


A presumption of guilt: James Yee is owed an apology for his ordeal Eugene Register-Guard March 25, 2004


Shoddy justice at hands of military by the Boston Patriot Ledger March 24, 2004


Smearing Captain Yee Washington Post March 24, 2004


Military Injustice New York Times March 24, 2004


Capt. Yee's case Our Opinion: Army should convict in court, not by allegation Miami Herald March 24, 2004


Army reprimands Guantanamo chaplain caught up in spy scare AFP March 23, 2004


Yee, Lee and Apology SF Gate March 23, 2004


Absolving suspect not so newsworthy San Jose Mercury News March 23, 2004


Justice Denied San Francisco Chronicle March 23, 2004


A reprimand, no apology for chaplain Boston Globe March 23, 2004


Yee reprimanded for two infractions: Army chaplain accused of adultery, downloading porn Associated Press March 23, 2004


Guilty Until Proven Innocent, the James Yee Story Counterpunch March 22, 2004


Chaplain James Yee's Press Release from Attorney Eugene Fidell after the Article 15 hearing March 22, 2004


Interview with Joseph Yee (Chaplain Yee's father) on NPR March 22, 2004


Yee owed apology for his ordeal Seattle Post-Intelligencer March 22, 2004


Chaplain's mother asks for apology from Army: Asserts case wrongly branded him a spy Associated Press March 22, 2004


Different takes on Yee Seattle Post-Intelligencer March 20, 2004


Charges Dropped Against Chaplain New York Times March 20, 2004


Army Drops Chaplain's Court-Martial Washington Post March 20, 2004


Army drops all charges against Muslim chaplain Seattle Post-Intelligencer March 20, 2004


US Drops Charges Against Guantanamo Muslim Chaplain Reuters March 19, 2004

U.S. drops all charges against Muslim chaplain CNN March 19, 2004


Defining Spying Down Washington Post March 13, 2004


Lawyer says Army, Yee might settle The Olympian March 12, 2004


Muslim chaplain proposes to resign CNN.com March 11, 2004


Yee hearing postponed a sixth time The Associated Press March 10, 2004


Army still unsure if chaplain had banned data New Jersey Star-Ledger March 10, 2004


Military justice system a self-inflicted casualty in terror war Christian Science Monitor February 23, 2004


Security review again delays Muslim chaplain's hearing Miami Herald February 18, 2004


Muslim chaplain's case sparks questions about military justice system San Francisco Chronicle February 15, 2004


Deborah Norville Interview with Chaplain James Yee's Parents Joseph and Fong Yee on MSNBC February 9, 2004


Accused chaplain's family speaks out Atlanta Journal-Constitution February 2, 2004


James Yee Body and Soul February 2, 2004


Yee supporters rally in Olympia The Olympian February 1, 2004


Trampled Under Foot: The Prosecution of Captain Yee CounterPunch February 2, 2004


Good news, bad news: No spies at Gitmo Palm Beach Post Wednesday, January 28, 2004


Guantanamo Spy Cases Evaporate : Chaplain and Arabic Translator Are Now Facing Only Lesser Charges Washington Post  January 25, 2004


Spy rap vs. Muslim cleric is 'just going to go away' New York Daily News January 22, 2004


The Future of American Muslims: A Human Rights Perspective Muslim American Society web site January 21, 2004


Taking Liberties: The War on Our Rights The Nation January 19, 2004


As Chaplain's Spy Case Nears, Some Ask Why It Went So Far New York Times January 4, 2004


U.S. Army v. Captain James Yee: Does the Army Hate Muslims? Tikun Olam January 05, 2004


End spectacle of injustice The Army Times December 29, 2003


Chaplain Yee comes home The Olympian December 20, 2003


Captain Yee's Ordeal The New York Times December 14, 2003


Gitmo Chaplain's Case Delayed CBS News December 10, 2003


James Yee's Supporters: We're Relieved, Outraged Pacific News Service November 26, 2003


Yousef Yee Charged With Adultery, Storing Porn on Gov't Computer Fox News November 26, 2003


Gitmo Chaplain Charged CBS News October 10, 2003


A Muslim military chaplain is suspected of trying to aid terrorist detainees at the U.S. detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Jim Stewart reports.


Chaplain may be Military Academy's first traitor Miami Herald September 30, 2003


Muslim Army Chaplain Investigation Religion and Ethics Newsweekly September 26, 2003    

'He's Innocent' Komo 4 News September 22, 2003


U.S. Army Muslim chaplain arrested Official: Captain had classified Guantanamo documents CNN September 22, 2003


Guantanamo Bay's Muslim chaplain detained ABC News Online, September 22, 2003


US Army Chaplain held in spy probe Boston Globe September 21, 2003


Islamic chaplain is charged as spy Washington Times September, 20, 2003


Chaplain arrested to protect lives Washington Times September 9, 2003


The Case of Chaplain Yee Religion in the New Fall 2003


In the News: James Yee The Pluralism Project ongoing


Chaplain James Yee on NewsTrove.com ongoing (Search thousands of major news sites at once)


Pornography, Adultery & Mishandling of Classified Documents Charge Sheet (pdf)


Mishandling of Classified Documents Charge Sheet (pdf)

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